5 Reasons to Purchase Greenington Bamboo Furniture + Frequently Asked Questions!

Greenington Fine Bamboo Furniture Available At Bamboo Mod

Greenington furniture is one of the most forward thinking furniture brands in the world today. They make all of their product with Bamboo. Bamboo is one of the earth’s fastest growing plants, a grass that grows to maturity in 5 years or less. Greenington’s bamboo is harvested from the managed forests of a fully sustainable, environmentally friendly and rapidly growing renewable resource. This make Greenington Furniture one of the most responsible furniture companies around.

More on Bamboo: 

Bamboo reduces the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide, which is the main contributor to reduce global warming. Bamboo releases about 35% more oxygen than equivalent stands of trees making it one of the best plants on earth to sequester carbon.

Greenington’s bamboo material has been treated and kiln dried to a specific moisture content, then put through a special manufacturing process to produce the bamboo materials they use. The VOC emissions of the adhesive used in manufacturing our products are well below allowable European, US and California standards.



5 Advantages Of Purchasing Greenington Furniture

1) Hardness: Greenington furniture uses only mature Moso bamboo that is at least 5 years old ensuring that our furniture possesses strength, hardness and stability. The Classic bamboo used is 20% harder than Oak, and the Exotic bamboo is 100% harder than Red Oak.

2) High Quality: From processing the raw bamboo material into solid stock and panels, Greenington makes the final product in their ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified factories under tight quality control.

3) Variety of Choices: Greenington offers a wide selection within their Classic Bamboo Collections, featuring their standard laminated panels in a natural caramelized finish, along with Black Walnut, Sable, and Mocha stains. Greenington Furniture also offer a truly ‘must see to appreciate’ experience with our limited collection of unique Exotic bamboo furniture, set apart by its beautiful, richer and darker ‘exotic’ caramelized finish.

4) Leadership: With over 20 years experience manufacturing bamboo products, Greenington is the leading company in mid to high end bamboo furniture production. Our processes are innovative, using the latest developed technologies to create new product lines.

5) Authorized Dealer: We have been working with Greenington furniture for over a year. We have developed strong relationships with the team. This means that you are going to get the best customer service when purchasing Greenington furniture from Bamboo Mod!


Frequently Asked Questions About Greenington Bamboo Furniture


What is the difference between Classic Bamboo and Exotic Bamboo?

The Classic Bamboo material is laminated from square edged bamboo slats under specific pressure and temperature into Greenington’s stock and panel material. (20% harder than Oak.) The Exotic Bamboo material is made by fusing thin bamboo strips under very high pressure into Greenington’s stock and panel material. (100% harder than Red Oak.)

What is caramelized color?

Natural bamboo has a very blond color. Caramelized bamboo is achieved through a process called carbonization, in which the bamboo is put into steam vessels where the sugars in the bamboo are cooked. This turns the natural blond color into a darker and warmer, honey-toned color we call caramelized. No chemicals are used in this process.

Is your furniture 100% bamboo?

Yes, all Greenington bamboo furniture is made of 100% bamboo with no added filler, fiberboard, MDF or other materials.

What kind of bamboo is used in Greenington Furniture?

There are more than 1200 bamboo species throughout the world. Greenington only uses mature Moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens), valued for its hardness, durability and stability. And pandas do not feed on Moso bamboo, which is extremely important.

Where are your products made?

All Greenington bamboo furniture is made in our ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environment Management certified factory in China. 

Is there any off-gassing to be concerned about with the adhesives used?

The adhesives used in manufacturing Greenington products have very low off-gas emissions. The formaldehyde gas levels are well below the European, US and California VOC standards.

How do I care for and maintain the bamboo furniture?

Periodic cleaning can be done using a soft cloth and a gentle cleaner designed for wood furniture. Feel free to emails us at info@bamboomod.com for any other questions!



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