About Us

It all started when two friends decided to leave North America on a search for adventure. We had no real goal in mind other than experiencing a new side of the world.  On a trip to Thailand we were forced out of our comfort zones. We were surrounded by vibrant streets, incredible food, and most importantly; breathtaking landscapes.          

Like any other country Thailand did have it’s imperfections. After continuously needing to purchase plastic water bottles due to the blistering heat we began to do some research. It turned out that 5 countries account for 60% of the worlds plastic waste, Thailand is unfortunately a member of this group. 

Truthfully we were never huge defenders of sustainability but something changed on that trip. We knew we wanted to make some type of difference but didn't really know how.

We then discovered bamboo and the environmentally friendly qualities it possesses. We learned that most types of Bamboo mature within 3-5 years. This makes it a fully sustainable product.  After some research we found some amazing companies in the USA manufacturing sustainable bamboo in to beautiful, modern, and most importantly long lasting products. That's when we had the inspiration to start Bamboo Mod.

Thank you for choosing us.

What We Do

We are passionate individuals who source the market to find you the best modern bamboo products at the absolute best price. Check out our “Price Match” page to review our best price commitment to our customers. We operate a hands-on business which means that each day we are working directly with our customers and suppliers to ensure a top-notch experience.

What We Love 

Each member of our staffing family owns some products showcased on our website. This means that not only do we understand our products, we love and enjoy them at home, too. We strive to connect directly with our customers and invite you to join us on our Instagram page to post pictures of your new bamboo product. 

Customer Service

We are truly committed to customer service. At Bamboo Mod, we believe that the experience doesn’t end when you receive your new product. We want to hear from you and answer any questions. Feel free to call us anytime at 1 (844) 752-6172  with questions.


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