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Brave Space Design is a multi-disciplinary, design & build studio using a broad range of woodworking techniques and highlighting prolific manufacturing capabilities to create innovative furniture products as well as residential and commercial custom projects. 

Established 2005 in Brooklyn, Brave Space Design has been a leader in innovative fabrication methods for the use of Bamboo Plywood and other sustainable materials in furniture design.  Brave Space Design manufactures all products out of their wood shop and studio space in Gainesville FL. The fertile lands provide the design team an enriched environment conducive for an inspired and productive working atmosphere. 

Husband and wife partners, Sam Kragiel + Nikki Kragiel founded Brave Space Design in 2005. Over the past decade, the design & build company has assembled a varied collection of noteworthy products-- all originating from the basic logic of clean lines, quality materials and innovative methods of fabrication. Brave Space Design continues to grow and evolve with its collaborative work-space, prolific design ideas and a superior & hardworking design team. 

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