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Greenington Azara Modern Bamboo Nightstand

Posted by Danielle Valino on

Ever wanted to have one of those night stands you see in those luxury hotels or those fancy bed and breakfast places? Well let me show you something better, introducing one of Greenington’s finest night stands: The Greenington Azara Modern Bamboo Nightstand. You wouldn’t be able to resist its clean lines and beautiful tiger bamboo accent, whether if its in rich, sexy, Sable or in warm, toffee, Caramel. It’s made in one hundred percent Moso Bamboo, the toughest among all bamboo species. This night stand will stand by you until the end of time (did you get the pun? Teehee!). And why stop there, go ahead and by the whole set! Check out the 3pc Greenington Azara Modern Bamboo Platform California King Bedroom Set, order it now and save a ton of money!

Now, you may ask, “What’s with all the hype? Its just a night stand”, that’s where you’re wrong, my friend. Let me show you why this Greenington Azara Modern Bamboo Nightstand is something you shouldn’t pass on.


Simple but proud

With its height of 17.5 inches, width of 18.11 inches, and length of 22 inches, this Modern Bamboo Nightstand upholds true beauty through a mixture of boldness and simplicity. A yin yang effect shown through the loudness of its tiger bamboo accent dancing with the sea of rich, warm tones of Saber and Caramel. It is a statement piece on its own.




Timeless elegance

Made out of one-hundred percent Moso Bamboo, which has densest and strongest fibers, the best among the rest of the bamboo species. This night stand is even stronger than Red Oak. Carefully crafted by Greenington to stand by you, your children, and your children’s’ children. Order it now, and look forward to the future with this Modern Bamboo Nightstand right by your side.


Environmental Mission

Greenington has a revolutionary vision. They are paving the way towards a 100% environmental friendly furniture industry. They are on a mission to create their products with eco-friendly, sustainable materials and resources. The Greenington Azara Modern Bamboo Nightstand is just one of many examples, check our product list for more. Every single piece has no plywood, no particle board, and no MDF (Medium-density Fibreboard). So, what are you waiting for? Join the cause and purchase your very own The Greenington Azara Modern Bamboo Nightstand. And why stop there? Check out the Azara Modern Bed, might as well buy the whole set, right?


You’re pretty much sold by now, am I right? But let me reel you in some more and tell you what else is so hype about this product. . .It’s on sale! Get it now for a discounted price. And hold up, there’s more! You can even get free shipping and tax too! Now, let’s get down to business, order now!




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