Greenington Azara Modern Solid Bamboo King Eastern Platform Bed

I will go ahead and say this; lowered bed frames are the best! Not that I’m shaming regularly high bed frames, but lowered bed frames are just more modern, safer, and aesthetically pleasing overall. And no one makes them better than Greenington. Let me show you what I mean. Let me introduce you to the Greenington Azara Modern Solid Bamboo King Eastern Platform Bed. Made from 100%, sustainably sourced Moso bamboo, the Azara King Bamboo Platform Bed will become the focal point of your bedroom. Made with a unique and modern shaped headboard that flows perfectly with the curves of the platform, the Greenington Azara king bed will be something you are happy to come home to. The sable color blends perfectly with the natural look of the
bamboo. Available in queen or eastern king, there is definitely an option for any space. And don’t just settle for the bed, check out the whole Azara collection, I promise you it is worth your time.


From the carefully crafted bamboo detail of the headboard, the rich and bold color choices, the versatile frame sizes, to the strongly built frame and well balanced, leveled, legs. Greenington did such a great job on this piece.  Its beauty is hard to compare, I mean look at it and tell me you’re not being drawn to lay in it right now. Although simplicity still plays a role in its design, its aura is undoubtedly a bright and loud. You wouldn’t be able to resist.


Moso bamboo has the strongest and densest fibers in all of the bamboo species. It is also twenty percent stronger than Red Oak. You can surely rest easy laying down on this Greenington Azara Modern Solid Bamboo King Eastern Platform Bed. The Moso bamboos used in the making of this bed are harvested from fully sustainable and rapidly growing forests, which has the strongest and densest fibers among all bamboo species. Every single one has no plywood, no particle board, and no MDF (Medium-density Fibreboard). This Azara Eastern Platform Bed is made with the European slat system, which means there’s no need for box springs. These slats are connected and locked into place with not much effort required.


Design, quality, overall aesthetic. What else can I say? Well, if you order it now you won’t need to pay for shipping nor tax. What could be better than that? Go ahead and add it to your cart. Check out the whole Azara collection while you’re at it, and order now!


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