Greenington Bamboo Beds Product Spotlight - Sienna Bed

Choose the Greenington Sienna Bamboo Bed for Your Bedroom

Solid and sustainable bamboo furniture may be at a premium price, but when you ponder its benefits, it’s actually affordable because you’re going to own it for twenty or thirty years plus. The Greenington Modern Bamboo Sienna Eastern Queen/King Bed (G0091CA, G0091MO) (G0090CA, G0090MO) has a modern design that will fit most modern bedroom designs.


Greenington Sienna Bamboo Bed

The Greenington Sienna Bamboo Bed is available in two different colors: Caramelized and Mocha. Caramelized has a medium brown wood finish, while mocha is a dark brown, almost black color. The brown color works well with rooms that have colorful painted walls in green or blue, but also does well with neutral colors too. The darker color works well in rooms that have white or beige walls and lighter colored flooring.

This sienna bed is suitable for people who prefer a minimalist design. You can either keep to your minimalist bedroom theme, or dress it up with matching bedside sienna tables and sienna dressers, for a complete look.

Why Choose Greenington Bamboo Furniture?


Your Greenington Furniture order can be quickly delivered in about one to two week’s time. There may also be a discount offered upon registration, and free delivery offered at certain times. Greenington sells only high-quality bamboo furniture that will last a lifetime, and the furniture will remain stylish, whether it’s a year from now, or twenty years from now.

Greenington Bedroom Sets Work for All Types of Bedrooms 


The Sienna bed has a platform design with simple, clean lines and bevelled edges. You can choose a queen or a king size set, which will fit most bedroom sizes.

These Greenington bedroom sets are made from 100% solid Moso bamboo. This furniture line combines beautiful designs with rich natural wood colours. Since the furniture is made from 100% Moso bamboo, it’s also sustainable, and ensures that no rainforests are depleted.

This bamboo bed contains no particle board, MDF, or plywood. It’s also 20% harder than red oak, making it the perfect choice for supporting your mattress in the bedroom. Since the base contains 15 wood slats that support the mattress, you do not need to purchase an additional box spring mattress. The bed can be easily assembled, and the slats nicely connect and lock into place so you won’t have to worry about them shifting when you’re in bed. 


Buy Now Before the Greenington Sienna Collection Sells Out


If you have found the perfect bamboo platform bed for your bedroom, it’s best to order it right now, to avoid disappointment. The Greenington Modern Bamboo Sienna Eastern Queen/King Bed is available for a fair price, and don’t forget that you only need to purchase a top queen or king mattress to complete your set.

Order your Greenington Modern Bamboo Sienna Eastern Queen or King Bed now. This is also the perfect time to find a better mattress for that bed. Your new Greenington Sienna bamboo bed will instantly change the design of your bedroom, and soon you’ll be on your way to a better night’s sleep.


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