Greenington Bamboo Dining Room Table Options: Laurel & Aurora

Greenington Bamboo Furniture Dining Room Sets

Are you frustrated when you look around at dining room sets in your local stores? Often the sets are complete, but you may not like the chairs, or you may not like the table, but there is no way to individually choose what you want. Please head over to our Bamboo Mod site, as here, you can choose your favorite dining room table, then go ahead and order the chairs, from two, to four, to six, or more.


Greenington Bamboo Dining Tables

When you hear about bamboo furniture, you may not realize that there are a few different color options, which should work with almost any type of home decor. There is carmalized, which is a lighter wood color, a bit like oak, but nicer. There is also sable, which is a dark brown-black color. There may also be single color choices, such as in our Greenington Montreal dining table, which has an amber-like finish to it.


Greenington Bamboo Aurora Table

If you have a large dining room, or a large family to seat at the dining room table, a large sturdy table such as the Greenington Aurora Table may be right for your home. This table is a lengthy 84 inches long. It’s a long rectangular shape, with two strong and sturdy square-shaped legs. If you have kids that run around a lot, no one will ever trip on the legs and tip it over.

This table only comes in one colour: exotic carmalized, which is a medium brown bamboo finish with nice dark brown, amber, and brown natural wood design to it.

This table is made from 100% solid bamboo. It’s not only attractive, but is durable, and will look beautiful and exotic in your kitchen or your dining room.


Product Code: GAU001E

Greenington Laurel Extension Table

If you entertain a lot, but don’t want to dedicate all the space in your dining room to a larger table, consider buying the Greenington Laurel Extension Table. With an extension, this table can be turned from a length of 64 inches, up to a length of 84 inches. The Laurel table is made from 100% bamboo, and has what is called a boat-shaped table top, with gently rounded corners.

There is an extension that stores within the table itself so you won’t ever have to worry about losing it. Simply expand it and insert the extension, and you’re ready to go for meals.

There are also two colour choices with this table: camalized and sable. The table has a long narrow shape, with four narrow legs that slightly taper out. It has a height of 30 inches. Some people who purchase this table choose to leave the extension in—it’s up to you!


Product Codes: GL0001CA GL0001CBA


If you’re seeking sustainable furniture for your home, Bamboo Mod has a wide range of choices for your dining room, including dining room tables and chairs. Your dining room will be transformed into a lovely, classic, and functional setting where you can have family meals, or host an event.


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