Greenington Bamboo Versus Other Bamboo Furniture Companies


Greenington's owner has been working in the sustainable bamboo industry for over 20 years. The level of expertise provided by the owner is unmatched.


When most people think about bamboo furniture they think of tiki hut's and round hollow pieces of bamboo. Such as this one below:

Greenington Bamboo Furniture has created a process that has never been seen before. Through passion and dedication Greenington Bamboo has created both beautiful and sustainable bamboo products for the home and beyond. 

More Options:

Greenington Bamboo uses classic and exotic bamboo in the manufacturing process which gives a variety of color options such as these:


When you are buying a greenington bamboo piece of furniture online with Bamboomod you are investing in a couple things. Firstly you are deciding to make a long term purchase for high quality furniture that will last you decades. Secondly, you are deciding to invest in the planet. Since bamboo fully matures in 3-5 years it is a fully sustainable resource.

There is no better time than now to purchase Greenington Bamboo Furniture!

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