Greenington Currant Modern Bamboo 70" Leaning Ladder Bookshelf

According to United States Senator, Ed Marky, “Education is not only a ladder of opportunity, but it is also an investment in our future”. What better way to apply this quote in real life than to get this Greenington Currant Modern Bamboo 70" Leaning Ladder Bookshelf. It’s the most meta product in the Greenington line yet. It is crafted in 100% solid bamboo, the planet’s most eco-friendly rapidly renewable resource. Also, this Currant leaning shelf is a great storage solution for small spaces.  Simple and eye-catching, the Currant leaning shelf is available in both black walnut or caramelized finish. The leaning design balances against the wall, and is ready to showcase, not just your books, but even your decorative plant, your porcelain angel collection, vacation photos, basketball trophies, and other prized possessions. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this Greenington Currant Modern Bamboo Leaning Ladder Bookshelf now! Though that name is probably a mouthful. But here are some more things you would want to know about this awesome piece of furniture.


Simplicity and Strength

What concept could be simpler than having a ladder rest against a wall so that you can use it as a shelf? And you’re here probably thinking, “what’s so special about it?”. Let me give you a closer look. The simplicity of it all is what gives it its beauty, along with its warm, rich, inviting colors, and its strength and durability. This Currant leaning shelf will stand by you until you have reached your own definition of success.


Space Saving

A minimalist’s dream. With the height of 70 Inches, width of 24 Inches, and depth of 15 Inches, this piece was thoughtfully crafted for small spaces. And yet it adds tons of character when placed in the room. It may be made to carry novels, fantasies, and fiction but this itself is one work of art.



In Greenington, sustainability is one of the top priorities. They are on a mission to create products with eco-friendly, sustainable materials and resources. The Greenington Currant Modern Bamboo 70" Leaning Ladder Bookshelf is just one of many examples, check our product list for more. Every single product in their line has no plywood, no particle board, and no MDF (Medium-density Fibreboard). Who would have thought that treating yourself to this masterpiece would also mean helping save the environment?




And lucky you there’s more good stuff coming towards your way! If you order it now, you will be saving so much money as this piece is currently on sale. You also won’t need to pay for shipping and tax if you make your purchase now. So, what are you waiting for? Add this Greenington Currant Modern Bamboo 70" Leaning Ladder Bookshelf to your cart and order one for your home now!



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