Greenington Modern Bamboo Antares Console Table

Does your entryway look a little empty? Are you looking for something that can spice up your living room? Need the perfect desk for your small office space? Let me introduce you to one of the newest additions to the Greenington line, the Modern Bamboo Antares Console Table. You can never go wrong with its sleek and slender, space-saving design, mid-century lines and storage shelf, in a rich, exotic, caramelized color. It is made with one-hundred percent Moso Bamboo, the toughest among all bamboo species. A sophisticated piece, that’s meant to stand the test of time.


And if you’re still asking yourself, “Do I really need this table in my life?”, then let me go ahead and break it down for you:


Design and Versatility

This elegant and modern piece can bring the most impact to any room you put it in. Imagine opening the door of your home and be greeted by a lovely family portrait standing in this caramelized Bamboo Antares Console Table along with some indoor plants, doesn’t that just warm your heart? Or imagine having that flat screen tv standing on a strong and sturdy, yet equally sleek and bold table. Think about your plain, white-walled, office. You put in a couple of plants, let in a little sunshine through the window, and yet it still feels like something is missing. Now imagine adding this console table. See how it immediately brightened up the room. Feel the inspiration flow through you as you add this amazing piece into your cart.



Beauty and Durability

This Modern Bamboo Antares Console Table is truly a wonderful piece. From its simple yet enticing design and features, to the materials used to create this work of art. It is made with solid and exotic 100% Moso Bamboo, which has the densest and hardest fibers among all of the bamboo species. It is 100% stronger than Red Oak. It is also designed to be easily assembled that in just a snap of your fingers and a few magic words, all you will be able to say is “Wow!”. Undoubtedly, one of a kind. Undoubtedly, timeless.


Environmental Friendly

Not all furniture brands and companies would be able to say that they’re products are 100% environmental friendly. But Greenington can! This Modern Bamboo Antares Console Table, along with all of the other products created by Greenington, is made with eco-friendly, sustainable materials and resources. No plywood, no particle board, and no MDF (Medium-density Fibreboard). Who would have thought that treating yourself to this masterpiece of furniture would also mean helping save the planet.


Now everything sounds good so far, but I’m sure you still want to be reeled in. Lucky for you, there’s more! If you order it now, you will be saving so much money as this piece is currently on sale. You also won’t need to pay for shipping and tax if you make your purchase between February 15 – February 20. So, what are you waiting for? Close your eyes and count to ten. Open your eyes and realize, that this is the that show-stopping, one-of-a-kind, console table that you have been looking for. Order now!


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