Greenington Modern Bamboo Linden Gateleg Table

Are you living on a small, studio-type, apartment? Do you have a strong passion for minimalism? Are you on your journey towards becoming part of the tiny house living movement? Or perhaps you simply want a table that caters to you most of the time, but would still like to entertain your friends from time to time? Then I have the right piece to for you, let me introduce you to the Greenington Modern Bamboo Linden Gateleg Table. This compact console can easily turn into a table within seconds. Simply lift the leaves and pull out the center gateleg on each side, tadaa! You now have a full-sized dining table. Like all the other Greenington products, it is made with one hundred percent solid Moso Bamboo, the toughest of all bamboo species. The Greenington Modern Bamboo Linden Gateleg Table is truly the best space-saving, eco-friendly, piece of furniture out in the market as of the moment.


The concept of a gateleg table is perfect for very small and tight spaces, but most of these foldable tables are either round or antique-y looking. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. But if you are here looking for something modern and minimalistic, something refreshing and inviting, something that would actually fit your place’s space and aesthetic, then this Greenington Modern Bamboo Linden Gateleg Table is the right choice for you. And why stop there? Check out dining chairs and benches that you can pair with it too.




Design and Structure

The combination of its quality strength and longevity, along with its naturally warm, wooden, color; this Modern Bamboo Linden Gateleg Table is setting high standards in the furniture business. Made one hundred percent with the bamboo specie with the strongest and densest fibers, the Moso Bamboo. It is twenty percent stronger than Red Oak. When folded, it is a size of a beat box. But when transformed, it can easily fit you and your friends. It also has easy carry handles that was carefully placed for portability with ease and Scratch Resistant Floor Protectors which makes this already wonderful investment to an even greater asset.




Environmental Impact

Greenington has their customers in mind and the environment in their heart. Their products, including this Modern Bamboo Linden Gateleg Table, are made from solid Moso Bamboo that’s harvested from fully sustainable forests. No plywood, no particle board, and no MDF (Medium-density Fibreboard) were used in the making of this and other Greenington products.




Now that your heart is set, add it to your card and get it now for a discounted price. You can even get free shipping and tax too! Order this Greenington Modern Bamboo Linden Gateleg Table now!



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