Greenington Orchid King Eastern Modern Bamboo Platform Bed

What is something so simple but is still the grandest of them all? What is something that represents the pure essence of minimalism but showcases both greatness and extravagance? Well, allow me to show you the answer, feast your eyes on this Greenington Orchid King Eastern Modern Bamboo Platform Bed. Truly a masterpiece worthy of its name. It is indeed a king of all bed frames. This simple bed frame with the clean shape of the headboard and sturdy legs give a strong, comfortable feel to any bedroom. Combined with the matching nightstands and the strength and warmth of the Orchid Collection dressers to finish off the look and feel of your private space. Ample storage and a simple design make The Orchid Collection a warm and comfy way to promote sustainability in your home in a lovely, classic and functional way. Though let’s focus on this Orchid King Eastern Modern Bamboo Platform Bed. It is available in both Queen and Eastern King sizes. Can be ordered in a honey-like, warm, caramelized finish or in rich, dark, mocha. And like all the other Greenington products, this is crafted in 100% solid Moso bamboo, the strongest among all bamboo species.


A grand gesture in the humblest design

The pride shown in its dimensions of 35 Inches in height, 89.5 Inches in width, and 88.5 Inches in depth, is balanced by its humbling low to the ground style. It is also crafted to be easily assembled as it is created based on a European slat system that requires no box springs and with easy to use connected slats that locks into place A design made to make you feel strong and mighty whilst keeping your feet on the ground. The true qualities of a king.


The rule of the kingdom

As a king, you should have the interest of both your people and your kingdom at heart, as well as the environment’s. In Greenington, they are on a mission to create their products with eco-friendly, sustainable materials and resources. The Greenington Orchid King Eastern Modern Bamboo Platform Bed, and all the other products in their line, is made in 100% solid Moso bamboo, harvested from fully sustainable and rapidly growing forests, which has the strongest and densest fibers among all bamboo species. It is also 20% stronger than Red Oak. Every single one has no plywood, no particle board, and no MDF (Medium-density Fibreboard). Now that’s how you run a furniture empire.



Don’t let this Greenington Orchid King Eastern Modern Bamboo Platform Bed out of your sight and out of your home. Add it to your cart and order now! Also, don’t forget to check out the other products in the Orchid Collection as well, this is definitely a line you shouldn’t miss out on.



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