Product Review Spotlight: Greenington Modern Bamboo Currant Writing Work Desk

Greenington Currant Bamboo Writing Desk

It is not every day that one sees a freestanding piece of furniture that is a perfect blend of both Mid-Century styling and modern simplicity. The Currant bamboo writing desk belongs to a vintage style of minimalist wooden furniture associated with the modern Danish furniture design.

This high-end bamboo writing desk is made from 100% solid Moso bamboo which makes it highly durable, resistant and smooth-looking.

If you’re looking for a way to add some character to your working space, the Greenington Currant bamboo desk is definitely the way to go. This cleanly designed yet extremely convenient desk will freshen up your space, and thanks to its natural colors it fits in perfectly in almost every environment.

As far as the colors are concerned, depending on your interior, you may go either with the honey-toned caramelized bamboo, or with the rich walnut finish. Each one has its own charms. That being said, darker finishes such as walnut stand out against bright colors, whether it's a shade of blue, green or turquoise. Similarly, golden honey-toned woods look good against warm colors, different shades of red, as well as earthy greens.

In terms of functionality, the Greenington Currant bamboo desks will exceed your expectations. Although plain at first sight, this desk features three quite generous self-closing drawers which go all the way through the entire length of the desk, which means you definitely won’t be short on storage.   

Plus, if you’re looking for furniture that’s sustainable, the Greenington Currant bamboo desks are the epitome of sustainability and classic functionality.



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